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Karen Rose Schultz is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, professional speaker, author and spiritual teacher and healer. Karen maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Hinsdale, Illinois. Her clients know her as a “wounded healer” who can


TwistyRoad“Starting where the client is” sums up Karen Schultz’s approach to spiritual and psychic therapy. It reflects her view that each client is a unique individual whose life journey is unlike that of any other … and deserving of respect and compassion.


HandsbelowHearts_250x275More interactive and intimate than a traditional public speech, Karen Schultz’s workshops allow community members to discover and discuss a specific topic in the world of spirituality. Whether you are “just curious” or very interested, all are welcome.


Giving Up the Ghost, by Karen SchultzKaren Schultz’s newest book, “Giving Up the Ghost,” focuses on the struggle to find peace and meaning when a loved one has died—an issue she knows well, as she works on it with many of the clients in her counseling practice.

"Give me an opening the size of the eye of a needle, and I will open for you the supernal gates.
- Zohar (The Kabbalah Bible)

Recent Work

Xlibris Publishing interviews Karen Schultz about her latest book, "Giving Up The Ghost"

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