Giving Up the Ghost, by Karen SchultzKaren Schultz’s newest book, “Giving Up the Ghost,” focuses on the struggle to find peace and meaning when a loved one has died—an issue she knows well, as she works on it with many of the clients in her counseling practice.

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The River Within
Here is a liberating message of spirituality and self-love for those struggling to break free from the bonds of lifelong trauma. Many victims of past abuse go on to perpetuate that abuse unknowingly. Others mask their inner turmoil and are left vulnerable to depression and addiction. As this empowering book shows, there is a way out of these self-defeating patterns:
– Place your trust in a higher power
– Begin implementing a 12-step program
– Cast off your fear, shame and guilt

Shelter in the Forest: Discovering the Power of Intuition
This book offers a unique opportunity to increase communication and build self-esteem in parents and children. This beautifully illustrated children’s story comes with a workbook for parents to learn more about self-trust, spirituality and intuition. Shelter in the Forest encourages children and parents to:
– Discover and use their intuitive power
– Seek spiritual development and build faith
– Affirm that their lives have a mission and purpose
– Replace their inner “chatterbox” with positive thoughts

Flashes of Brilliance

A remarkable true story of liberation and growth unfolds when a Catholic woman discovers that she has ancient rabbis as spirit guides. They teach her about self-love, the power of forgiveness and how to banish depression and negativity from her life.

Her dreams introduce her to a new world of soul connections, spiritual wisdom and hidden thruths. The rabbis teach her new ways to spread the seeds of love and light to others, and turn their sorrow into joy.