“Giving Up The Ghost”:
What Does It Mean?

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“Giving Up The Ghost”:What Does It Mean?

Giving up the ghost is really about giving up our fear about the future. Giving up the ghost allows us to live in the present and to continue with life despite the pain.

If we stand up to fear, we can remember the love that was there and enable ourselves to honor that person while we are still alive. If we don’t live in fear, we can trust in God that he will take care of us.

I have had to do this in my life. I have to trust that my God or higher power will help me recover. We can’t do it alone. We should allow ourselves to feel our feelings, and then engage in life again.

To order “Giving Up The Ghost,” please click here (a new tab or window will open for amazon.com).The process by which we are ready to give up the ghost is a long and hard struggle. By letting go and letting God work in your life, you are given the tools to help yourself. It’s as if you become free of the burden of loss.

When the soul leaves the body, it is free to float and glide in other dimensions. When you give up the fear and let go of the grief, it frees up your energy to invest in the world around you again. It is like being reborn.

I wish everyone who is grieving knew that our soul and our essence are divine. We experience our divinity as being a peaceful and loving part of us. I wish all of you the peace and the ability to grow from the grief experience.

We see what we learned from the process of grieving, and with every goodbye, we learn something about ourselves and the world. We are healed by our faith and by the community, which we embrace during the most difficult part of our lives.

To learn more about “Giving Up The Ghost,” please watch the video below:

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