Spiritual Development Groups

New Groups Now Forming! Grow with caring people who live a spiritual life, and enhance your ability to create miracles. Live your life with more meaning, beauty, abundance and love. Heal yourself and learn to love yourself.

Call (708) 352-6587 to join a group. $40 per month payable by cash or check. Groups meet one night per month, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

  • Learn how to access and work with your higher Self
  • Grow spiritually and avoid chaos and negative mindsets
  • Feel grounded and protected from Satan and other negative spirits
  • Learn about Kabbalah, and the power it gives us to uncover the 99% spiritual world (We live in the 1% world)

What Can You Expect from a Spiritual Development Group?

  • Build a group spiritual community, enabling others to help you with everyday concerns
  • Learn about the chakras, energy medicine and how Divine protection works
  • Create what goals you want to pursue with group, and feel safe to be yourself
  • Explore spiritual space and tap into your spiritual gifts
  • See the power of synchronicity and intuition. Awaken your soul to feeling vital and alive.

Karen has much experience with spiritual mediums: Kabbalah, Reiki, 12-step recovery, intuition training, healing with light, angels and 30 years of spiritual development and mediumship.

We encourage you to tell your spiritual story, and live a life not reacting to everything. We empower group members to reach their potential in this world. We discuss heaven and hell, life after death, grief and healing grief, and address how losing someone we love creates a new normal for us.

Need help to live without your lost loved one(s)? Come and let us help you through your grief journey.

Each monthly meeting of your group may include
meditations visualizations
Self-Reflection group exercises
forgiveness issues check-in with each group member
mediumship exercises how to love all of you
release of psychic pain 😃 lots of laughter and sharing

People need spiritual support, and these groups provide a safe place to share. We care about you and your spiritual growth! Each groups can have up to 6-8 members. Special topics and group interest topics are encouraged.

Call (708) 352-6587 to reserve your space now or to learn more about these groups. Your soul is real and it speaks to you in ways you don’t even realize. Karen can help you navigate the spiritual highway, and help you get what you want in life!