Here’s what people who have worked with Karen Schultz are saying about her:

“Karen is a strong speaker, commanding attention, daring to discuss topics that require a brave and open nature. Karen speaks with conviction. I recommend her!”— Rita Meirer, Trainer Reuters, Fellow Toastmaster

“Your vibrant energy and loving enthusiasm, as well as your deep spiritual perspective, all combined to present a most welcome atmosphere for our group. I anticipate future visits by you will bring a larger crowd of people eager to hear your special message.”
— Rev. Roger Goffeney, Unity Church, Countryside, IL

“Your efforts helped to open up a topic area which many students find difficult to deal with on an individual level. It gave them the opportunity to gain knowledge as well as how to deal with loss in their lives.”
— Linda Muir, LCSW, Hinsdale Central High School

“Thank you for presenting the workshop, ‘From Wounded to Wonderful.’ Your professionalism, deep spirituality and expertise were so appreciated by all involved. We hope to have you return in the near future.”
— Mary Burd, Carmelite Spiritual Center

“I found Karen Schultz’s workshop informative, highly organized, focused—yet flexible enough to adjust to the group’s needs. I plan to take more of Karen’s workshops and I highly recommend them.”—Rob Glahe, Workshop Participant